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Bowed Wall Repair in Winston-Salem, NC

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Winston-Salem, NC is a city boasting a population of around 229,617. It's home to SciWorks, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, the Bethabara Historic District, Old Salem, the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem, and the Reynolda House Museum of American Art. It's no wonder that there are so many people living in this charming city. However, regardless of how cozy and charming it may seem on the outside, many homeowners are experiencing problems with bowed walls inside the basements of their homes.

Unfortunately, a lot of Winston-Salem homeowners will put off getting these leaning basement walls fixed - especially if they don't have a finished basement. They don't think it is going to do that damage and nobody is going to see it anyway. However, it doesn't really matter what you use your basement for, or what you plan on using it for in the future. If you have bowing basement walls, you need to get them fixed before they cause even more problems for your home.

Were you aware that bowing basement walls can eventually collapse in on themselves if they are left neglected for too long? It's true. These leaning walls can do a lot of harm to the structural integrity of your family's home. So, what causes this foundation problem to begin with? That's a good question. Most bowing wall problems are a result of hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding your home. This pressure comes from the soil after it swells up with moisture following a heavy rain. This thick, swollen soil puts a lot of pressure on your foundation walls. Over time, it can cause your basement walls to lean into the home and cause a lot of problems!

Fixing Leaning Basement Walls

When it comes to fixing leaning basement walls, Seal-Tite can install wall anchors and wall plates. The anchors can be installed in the soil next to the damaged wall. Then, a wall plate will be installed inside the home on the bowing wall's surface. The two will be connected with a steel rod which can be tightened over time to add the necessary lateral pressure to help push the wall back into an upright position. This process is fairly fast and doesn't cost a small fortune like total foundation replacement would! 

Give us a call to learn more about getting your bowing basement walls fixed for good!
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